Finding the right garage door can be a challenge if you don’t know what you want and are looking for. There are many garage door options for you to choose from and this wealth of choices can easily confuse you. Residents of Avon IN can trust in us to help make such a choice. We are a company that specializes in garage door installation and repair. We have certified technicians ready to help you choose and install the right garage door for your home.

If you are installing a new garage door, we offer free estimates. We can also assist you in choosing the right garage door opener and accessories that you need. If you have a limited budget, we can help you find the right door for your needs without going overboard. All you have to do is contact us and we will gladly assist you with your garage door needs. We are your go-to garage door specialist in Avon IN and the surrounding areas.

Garage Door Options

To find the right garage door for your home, you need to go through the many choices at your fingertips. The most popular options you have include wooden garage doors, steel garage doors, and aluminum garage doors. Each of these choices comes with their own benefits.

Aluminum garage doors – These are lightweight and are corrosion resistant. These are also low maintenance since these don’t need repainting at any time. These garage doors however are prone to denting. These are also prone to warping when exposed to high heat.

Wooden garage doors – Wood garage doors are a great choice if you want durability, an old-fashioned look, and classic lines. The problem with these garage doors is they need to be regularly maintained. Annual sanding, repainting, and refinishing will keep these doors in great shape. If not properly maintained, the wood can deteriorate and rot.

Steel garage doors – This type of garage door is your best choice when you want a garage door replacement that is both durable and low maintenance. Steel garage doors come with a powder coating the keeps it from corroding. These are also made out of thick steel material to reduce the chances of dents and dings. These can last long periods in the sun without any fear for warping and damage.

Garage Door Design Choices

Apart from the material, you also need to choose the style of your garage door. Steel garage doors can come in a wide variety of styles that will complement your home. One brand that has lots of styles for you to choose from is Amarr garage doors. Steel garage doors from this brand come in designs that include classic and contemporary. Designs you can choose from include carriage doors, panel doors, and tilt doors. These steel garage doors can also come with glass panels to let some sunlight into your garage. Some of these come with insulation to help keep warm air inside your garage more effectively. Insulated garage doors can also help keep noise contained within your garage.

The two collections you can choose from for your steel garage doors from Amarr are the Traditional and Carriage House collections. All doors in these collection use high-quality steel and come in designs that are aesthetically pleasing. These garage doors come with high-R values, high durability, and are low maintenance. If you are looking for garage doors that come with glass panels, the Specialty collection of Amarr garage doors has some choices for you. Some doors in these collections come with 15 year warranties while others come with lifetime warranties.

For custom wooden garage doors, Amarr also has customizable options for you. Choose the wood, the design, and the finish and Amarr by Design will make your door for you. Find the best options from a selection that includes classic designs, contemporary designs, and customizable choices.

Contact Us for Your Free Estimate

If you are thinking of installing a new garage door, contact us and we will give you a free assessment and estimate. We can help you choose the best garage door for your home from our selection of garage door designs. We are available to help you all days of the week. Whether you need a garage door replacement or garage door repairs, you can contact us for help.

We can also assist you in finding the right accessories and openers for your garage door. We carry a long list of quality accessories and openers for you to choose from. We are the premier garage door service provider in Avon IN and we have what you need for all your garage door requirements. You can rest assured that installation and repairs are done the right way since we have certified technicians to help you.